About Us

About us

Founded in 1999, SINFONIA MOSAIC is a colorful and vibrant ensemble dedicated to present young and talented musicians in concerts. With Herbert Tsang as its artistic director and conductor, this Vancouver based ensemble primarily consists of string musicians and is augmented by other artists as the repertoire demands.

Committed to the goal of providing Canada with a world class chamber orchestra, SINFONIA MOSAIC is an ensemble of artistic excellence, providing stimulating program and memorable performances. In programming its concerts, SINFONIA MOSAIC strives to balance masterpieces of the standard repertoire with contemporary or little-known works for chamber orchestra. Each concert provides an opportunity to explore the work of a Canadian composer, in an attempt to broaden both the musicians and the audience's experience of Canadian music. It is our plan to commission new works for our future concerts in order to bring together outstanding young professional musicians and emerging Canadian composers.

Herbert Tsang, music director / conductor - http://www.HerbertTsang.com


As part of our continue commitment to contemporary composers, between SINFONIA MOSAIC and Herbert Tsang, they had not only premiered a number of compositions but also involved in a number of second performance of some works. Here is a partial list:

Compositions Composers Date
"Sinfonia for Strings" Michael Conway Baker 1999
“To God be the Glory” Walter Bresch 2003
“Higher Ground" Walter Bresch 2004
“Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him" * Jim Ling 2004
“O Canada” Walter Bresch 2004
“His Eyes is on the Sparrow" Chi Chuen Chiu 2005
“Make Me a Blessings" Chi Chuen Chiu 2005
“There Shall be Showers of Blessings" Chi Chuen Chiu 2006
“All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" Chi Chuen Chiu 2006
“Come, let us rise with Christ our Head” Adam schwamb 2007
“Rejoice, the Lord is King” Reuben Cheung 2007
“A Charge to Keep I have” Jenny Lee 2007
  • = second performance

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SINFONIA MOSAIC is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act of Canada and therefore all donations qualify for charitable donation receipts. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute and support SINFONIA MOSAIC.

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